Laying of fire-retardant paints and coatings, compositions and plasters

We at Element Industrial are a leader in the laying of fire protection coatings – paints and plasters of leading manufacturers in the field. Our mission is not to sell specific products, but to offer the best solution for each site. For these reasons, we supply and lay over 40 different types of fire-retardant paints and plasters, in classes of fire resistance from R15/15 min./ to R120/120 min./ depending on the section of the profile, the type of supporting structure and its intended, and we can offer products and implement projects for laying on:

  • metal structures
  • reinforced concrete structures
  • wooden structures and flooring
  • Cables
  • other building elements (brick walls, drywall)

Our company is a long-term partner and has many completed sites with the products of Sika, Unitherm, Amotherm, Interchar, Monokote and many others. It is important for us to offer you the best solution for passive fire protection, combined with its quality laying, in order to achieve the necessary security of the site during its operation.  With us you will also find compatible anti-corrosion and decorative (finish) coatings for the already laid fire protection paint, so that the exposed profiles can more easily fit into your internal color solution and do not disturb the showing of the laid genesis coating.

Our long experience has allowed us to develop a system for laying fire protection paint and plaster on all kinds of metal profiles with minimal preliminary preparation of the base and use of primers in a system with fire-protection paint. Fire protection paints and plasters are laid in an airless high pressure method (up to 400 bar.) by highly qualified operators who have received successful training for work and laying of this type of coatings. We have extremely rich equipment that includes 22 high-tech and over-productive (up to 19 l/min.) paint laying machines and 4 plastering machines.

Certificate of Element Schedules Ltd. for official applicator of fire-retardant productions SikaOur company is a certified applicator and exclusive representative of sika fire protection coating systems®.

More information about our systems and coatings can be found on the Products and Systems page.

Element Industrial also offers additional services in the field:

  • Preparation of fire safety projects. For your convenience and if necessary, our specialists can prepare you a fire safety part project that meets all the applicable regulatory requirements in the country. When delivering a fire-proof product from us, the design price is reduced by 50%, and when buying and laying fire protection paint/plaster – the design is free of charge, depending on the protected area of the site.
  • Measurement of the thickness of the laid fire protection paint with a certified and calibrated appliance by Bulgarian Institute of Metrology, according to the current regulations, standards and requirements of DGPBN – Ministry of Interior.  For the measurements made, we issue a protocol with the recorded results.

The right choice and the quality laying of the fire protection coating, together with the professionally crafted design and applied protocol with made measurements of the thick of the protective paint, are a prerequisite for successful commissioning of your site and ensures the security of its use.

Our company performs laying of fire-retardant paints and plasters throughout the country.

In the "Completed projects" section , you can view photos of the projects we have completed.

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