Machine cleaning // Washing// Disinfection

Cleaning/ Washing / Disinfection throughout the country of buildings, flooring, mechanization and facilities with professional water jets and equipment.

Our company performs cleaning and disinfection of private, public and business buildings, domestic premises, production and storage premises, factories and facilities in the country. Using professional equipment and specialized preparations, we can perform thorough cleaning and disinfectant treatment of any type of buildings, flooring and facilities. The advantage of the mechanical method of high pressure cleaning is that they perfectly remove all dirt before disinfection itself with a detergent, which helps to ensure excellent results for disinfection.

One of the main activities in the maintenance and service of buildings and facilities is periodic cleaning and washing. Cleaning is carried out manually and mechanized, in most cases cleaned from dust, adhesives, soot, inert materials, old paints, greases, etc. We also offer water blasting of facilities and infrastructure, blasting is carried out with high pressure water jets up to 500bar.

Element Industrial's team performs external and internal cleaning of buildings and facilities with water jets and cleaning with high pressure water jets, manual and mechanized cleaning of silos, warehouses, ships, etc. facilities. We work both from land and in alpine ways – with climbers.

The range of services we offer include:

  • External and internal cleaning and washing of ships and port facilities.
  • External and internal cleaning, washing and water blasting of silos for grain, cement, fuels and aggregates.
  • Cleaning and water blasting of infrastructure facilities.
  • Cleaning and washing of industrial and public buildings.
  • Cleaning and washing of facades with lining of stone, ethalbond, glass facades, etc.

We have high quality equipment for cleaning metal and reinforced concrete structures, as well as stone-lined residential and public buildings with high pressure water. Cleaning is carried out by alpine means or by lifting equipment.

Depending on the type and specificity of the facility, different types of detergents or chemical preparations are used for cleaning and to achieve a better result without damaging the base. We work with professional degreasers, chemical and high-tech products of leading manufacturers of construction and industrial chemistry.